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  • Single family dwellings
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All home inspections in Illinois are required to be administered by a licensed home
inspector, to the standards of the Illinois Home Inspector Act.  Any corporate body
contracted to do home inspections is also required to have a license. Ask your
inspector to show you his licenses. The State of Illinois requires that the client be
provided with a written report within 48 hours.
Expect any inspection to take at least 2 to 3 hours, even if it is a smaller condo unit.
Contrary to popular belief these small unit inspections take almost as long as a
single family home if you have a thorough and dedicated inspector. Even defects in
common areas that fall under the responsibility of a condo or co-op association will
become issues to the client when they are assessed for repair or replacement.
The inspection is for visible defects, so scheduling during daylight hours is
essential. Building exteriors cannot be examined in the dark.
Generally, it takes just as long to prepare my report as it takes to do the inspection.
Some inspectors deliver their report at the end of inspection. Don't expect this from
me. I want time to think about what I'm committing to paper. These reports are kept
on file for 5 years and I don't care to skimp on my preparation time.
Expect to sign a contract agreeing to the inspection and detailing what will and will
not be covered. Expect a reasonable amount of time to peruse this document
before agreeing to it. You will find my contract on the contact page of this website.
Feel free to read it at your leisure and ask for any clarification by phone. It may be
longer than some of my competitors because it lists everything instead of referring
you to a web page or some other site.
Clients are welcome and encouraged to accompany the inspector during the
course of the inspection.

As owner and sole operator of Mark Kollath Home inspections, Inc., I personally
perform all inspections, and am available for consulting and questions at any time
to address your concerns.
As an InterNACHI certified inspector, I inspect to InterNACHI's standards of practice
and use high tech tools such as an infrared laser thermometer,  Flir infrared
cameras, and a Tramex Moisture Encounter non-invasive moisture meter, a
fibre-optic snake camera, and a Truetest circuit tester for arc fault circuit breakers. I
deliver a computer generated report, usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for trusting me with your property.
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